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Climbing Frames in English oak

We accept commissions for bespoke climbing frames and activity centres made from english oak. The following are two examples of commissions we have undertaken.

Riddlesworth Hall School

Having supplied a swing frame and several tree swings to Riddlesworth Hall School we were commissioned by the Parent Teachers Association to provide an activity centre for the Pre-Prep and Early Years children in english oak.

The original activity centre was past its prime but had very limited play and learning value. We therefore tried to create as many activities and interest in the activity centre as possible based on the age range of 2 - 4 years. The original concept was for four towers as shown on the CAD drawing. In the first instance the association has gone for three towers with a plan to raise more funds and add the fourth tower and enclosed bridge at a later date.
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Stacks Image 9203
The first phase of the activity centre installed in the early years courtyard at the school. The activity centre was based on a castle them to give interest to the design.
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View showing the small climbing wall and noughts and crosses game.
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View showing rope bridge and tower with abacus.
Private Commission
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The climbing frame shown here was produced as a bespoke commission for a customer who was seeking to fit a wide range of activities based around our swing frame within a relatively small area. In addition, there was a need to cater for a wide age range of children from 1 year to 9 years. We therefore aimed to provide activities for everyone that would last and be of interest still to the oldest child in a few years time. Of course not all of the children would be able to use everything straight away but they would grow into them.
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The monkey bars are 2.8m long and 2.8m high making this a challenging activity. The slide a 4m is the longest domestic slide available in the UK and thus is fun even for the older children.
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The climbing frame comprises the following activities: 2 swings, cargo climbing net, rope bridge, 4m slide, climbing wall with wooden rocks, monkey bars and climbing bars on the monkey bar frame and tower.

The tower and swing frame provide the two main components which everything else links to. The cargo climbing net leads up to the rope bridge which runs across the swing beam at 2.5m high. The frame gives stability to the bridge offsetting the challenging height. On the back of the tower is a wooden climbing wall fitted with wooden blocks in the shape of rocks that has a height of 2.8m. A rope was also fitted to allow the wall to be “walked up” or just used for assistance with climbing.
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Would you like a Climbing Frame?
We accept bespoke commissions for climbing frames based on a tower and swing frame but with almost any activity incorporated dependent on space required. For Climbing frame similar to the one shown here a guide price is £8500. If you would like to discuss having a climbing frame made please contact Chris.
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