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Garden swing seats, Swing frames and Tree swings in English Oak

Garden Swings, Swing Seats and Tree Swings

in English oak - why compromise

We produce a range of garden swing seats, swing frames and tree swings, each one individually handcrafted in English oak.
girl on a tree swing
Our garden swing seats are available in a range of designs and sizes, and can be supplied with or without an A frame.
Garden swing seat oak
Our swing seats and tree swings are all made in our workshop at Bramble Cottage with loving care and attention to detail, to provide you with a swing seat or tree swing that is second to none.
Our oak swing frame is designed to be a lifetime swing and as such will take our full range of swings from the the baby swing through to the adult size tree swing. It will even take our swing seats. Therefore, as the family grows, the swings can simply be replaced with larger swings or it can be used as a swing seat which is swapped for swings when children visit. And for extra fun, we also offer a swing boat option.

Garden Swing Seats

Our garden swing seats are available in an expanding range of designs to inspire you and complement your garden. Each of our swing seat designs has been created by us and is unique to our range of garden swing seats. We aim to provide you with a swing seat that is not just a piece of garden furniture but something to provide interest and a focal point to your garden. But, more importantly a swing seat that will allow you to enjoy your garden for hours on end.
A 2 seat Sunrise garden swing seat in English oak

Garden Swing Seats in English Oak - why compromise.

We only use the finest English oak for our garden swing seats, all fully dried and seasoned. Oak is highly durable, and to ensure the longevity of our garden swing seats we only use stainless steel fixings throughout, even for the hidden screws.
Garden swing seat in Horizon design - 3 seat version
Swing seat in English oak in 2 seat Rising Sun design
The main framing of our swing seats is made from 50mm thick oak with the seat and back rails made from 25mm oak. This provides and immensely strong and firm swing seat but the gently contouring of the seat and the gently angled back provide maximum comfort, allowing you to enjoy your swing seat for hours at a time.

Garden Swing Seats - With A Frame or Without

Our garden swing seats can be supplied with an A frame allowing you to place your swing seat on a lawn or patio. However, we can supply our garden swing seats as “swing seat only” for hanging from a tree, pergola, porch or other special place that you would like to enjoy relaxing on a swing seat.
Swing seat hanging from a tree
3 seat Sunrise swing seat hung from a tree
Swing seat hanging from a pergola
2 seat Rising Sun swing seat hung from an oak pergola
All our garden swing seats are normally delivered personally by us. If you are having a garden swing seat with an A frame, we will erect this for you and adjust the initial height of the swing seat. If you plan to hang your garden swing seat from a tree or pergola, we are happy to assist you with this and supply any extra chain or fittings.

Tree Swings

We produce the most comprehensive range of quality tree swings in the UK, providing tree swings to meet the needs of all members of the family from toddlers to adults as well as special tree swings such as our double adult for wedding photo shoots.
Tree swing classic style in English oak

Classic Tree Swings

Our original Classic range of tree swings are slimmer design with more rounded edges. They are cross braced underneath the seat of the tree swing, providing style with strength. The ropes on our classic tree swings are passed through the seat and spliced into a closed loop.
Woodland tree swing in oak with knots under seat
Grandma on an oak tree swing
For our tree swings we use the same high quality English oak that has been fully seasoned and dried. All our tree swings are all individually made and finished by hand, with loving care and attention to detail. They are fitted with British made Hempex ropes from the Master Ropemakers at Chatham.
Classic tree swing with ropes fitted using a spliced closed loop
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Woodland Tree Swings

Our Woodland tree swings are thicker and are less rounded than our Classic style tree swings. This gives them a “chunkier” more rustic appearance. The thickness of these tree swings means they do not require bracing and we provide slightly thicker ropes on the adult sizes to enhance the rustic appearance.

Letter Carving on Tree Swings

We also offer a very popular letter carving service for our tree swings allowing names, phrases or special memories or anniversaries to be carved onto the tree swing making them very special personalised presents. We can carve on the front and back edges of our Woodland tree swings and on the seat of both styles of tree swing.

Tree Swings for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Tree Swing

Wooden baby swing in oak to hang from tree or swing frame
The toddler swing is designed to provide fun and security for slightly older children. Provided with handles for them to hold on to and sides to keep the securely in the seat, we also offer a safety strap option as well, if required.
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With our Baby tree swing, we now have a full range of tree swings to cater for all the family from the youngest child up to the adults. Our baby tree swing is made from English oak with stainless steel fixings and fittings. With a solid seat, sides and back and fitted with hempex ropes, this is a stylish swing for your youngest child.

Horse & Cart Toddler Swing

Toddler tree swing in Haorse & cart design
If you would like any further information or have specific questions regarding our range of garden swing seats, tree swings or swing frames you are welcome to contact us by telephone or email.
Garden swing seat in Sunrise 3 seat design
Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our range of garden swing seats, swing frames and tree swings.